Help for immigrants and entrepreneurs in Pori and Satakunta region


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Jarkko is your local guide in Pori and nearby areas


Need help with...
  • bureaucracy or local authorities?
  • paperwork; contracts and documents?
  • marketing and customer acquisition?
  • negotiations of any sort?
Jarkko can do that for you.

Find all the help you'll need in one place.

Help yourself now, and ask for a free evaluation at

Have a native finn to represent you

How much will it cost?


  • First evaluation meeting is always free!
  • No traveling expenses charged in downtown Pori.
 Traveling expenses
    (>10km from Pori)
  0,5 € / km
 Consultations & professional Services
   40 € / hour
 Representative tasks
   40 € / hour
 Document templates
   40 € / pc

 Marketing material designs
    (business cards, brochures, posters etc...)
  120 € / design
 Recruitments incl. interviews
  240 € / person
 Company website
(Incl. simple single page design using google sites)
Upkeep incl. domain & 1 google sites user
  400 € / site
       120 € / year

Hourly rate for work:

20 € to start + 20 € for every starting hour.
    (For example 2 hours and 30 minutes = 80 €)

Working includes...
  • Marketing work
  • Translations (fin-eng-fin) and compilation of documents
    (contracts, accounting, invoicing, business letters, etc...)
  • Applications
  • In person help

Ask for:
  • Premises (apartment, office, retail)
  • Transportation services (car, van, trailer w/ carriers)
  • Estates, bankruptcy nest sales
  • Arbitration services

Payments as agreed.

All assignments are confidential


Jarkko gets things done!

Ravintola Yak and Yeti
Restaurant Yak and Yeti:
"Jarkko has helped us with many things, such as composing our in-house control plan and other documents, translations and grammar, marketing and customer acquisition."

Kabin Shrestha:
"Jarkko provided important documents for my business, and helped me with moving."

Ravintola Dobhan Kulma
Restaurant Dobhan Kulma:
"Jarkko helped us with our license applications and did arrangements that made it possible for us to open our new restaurant despite of the unexpected difficulties that we encountered during the renovation. Jarkko also composed our menus, helped us with marketing and created our web page."

"Jarkko provided a short internship for our adult immigrant integration student for a couple of hours/day for a two weeks period."

Benefit from Jarkko's wide professional network: Improve your business, and find new business ideas!

Starting a new business?

About Prizztech

Prizztech Ltd is a non-profit business development company owned by municipalities in Satakunta region. Prizztech offers basic advising to those who are planning to start a business.

It's all free!


Enquiries to    Jarkko Seppälä    PORI, Finland
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